This site is my creative dumping grounds, updated semi-sporadically.

Online e-Books

Guides to Fix Everything

The ultimate compendium for practical how-to advice. I’ve condensed content from about 10,000 articles, books, videos, and summaries into the world’s most comprehensive commonplace book.

Plain Theology

The ultimate compendium for what Christians believe. I’ve condensed theology from about 800 articles, books, and videos into the most profound summary of everything Christians believe, work through, contend with, and wait for.

A Pile of Jokes

The not-so-ultimate compendium for anyone needing more jokes for their repertoire. I’ve condensed over 1,000 jokes of various sizes and shapes into a recreational archive.

Idea Streams

A Stucky Life

My far less professional and somewhat funnier private blog.


Summarizing philosophical concepts with small audio presentations through Spreaker to YouTube and SoundCloud.


Wayward ruminations and meandering abstractions.

Digital Attic

Dealing with Autism

My first two books. Second editions coming soon.

End of Days Digest

Facebook page showing the most likely news sources that will predict the end of the world.

The Most Ridiculous Holidays

A calendar of the silliest and weirdest recognized holidays, both for recreational reading or adding for your notifications in iCal format.

Old-Timey Marketing

Pinterest board and Facebook page showing some of the worst marketing hindsight can show.

Strange Bible Verses

Instagram filters on stock photos with out-of-context Bible verses. More fun than it sounds.

Weird Al’s History of Pop Music

YouTube playlist of Weird Al Yankovic compared chronologically against the originals.