Stuff to Consume

This site is my creative dumping grounds, with the following past projects in reverse chronological order and current projects on my /now page:

Guides to Fix Everything

I wanted the most summarized self-help advice possible, but found out later after four years of tireless work how the average person finds raw advice without anecdotes rather dull.

You’ve found the right compendium for practical truth without all the fluff. All 0.01% of you.

A Pile of Jokes

I enjoy the art of humor, so I tried to capture every sufficiently funny joke written in English, and this was the afterbirth of that failed attempt.


Stuck on Love

My private blog which is far less professional, a little funnier, and less polished.

How to Deal with Autism

My first two books. I’m somewhat proud of them.

Strange Bible Verses

Dumb Instagram filters on stock photos with out-of-context Bible verses started annoying me, so I made a few of my own.

Weird Al’s History of Pop Music

A now long-defunct YouTube playlist of Weird Al’s music set alongside the originals and organized by the original song’s year

End of Days Digest

RSS feeds from relatively reputable sources auto-barfed onto a Facebook page to most accurately predict the end of the world, if it happens before the sun takes us out

The Most Ridiculous Holidays

Since I couldn’t find one I liked, I made a calendar of the silliest and weirdest recognized holidays.

Old-Timey Marketing

Pinterest board and Facebook page showcasing some of the worst vintage marketing ever made, and if you like it enough I might make a coffee table book someday!