Topical Money Advice

As you know by now (assuming you’ve been reading through my new and improved Tips) forcing functions are beneficial when tasks feel daunting. Unfortunately, finding them can sometimes be a challenge. I’ve now discovered the following three conditions to create one:

  1. The domain for expires September 12th and renewing it costs $18
  2. Since my 10,000 Christian Steps was a similar project, I have been planning a similar edit-fest on them right after the 100,000 Tips
  3. Since I’m taking the money advice I’ve been writing on, I don’t feel like spending $18 to renew the domain

My long-haul driving career has moved into something more local, and it’s done wonders for my mental wellness. Since writing how-to tips and quite literally anything not depressing requires a certain degree of personal satisfaction, transitioning to a better job allows me to pass on the benefits to you, the reader.

I’ve finally gotten through the money advice for specific ordinary circumstances, and I’m proud to say that the Money 300 section is finally complete.

Assuming you’re starting off, you’ll want to consider your choice in college. Even with a college degree, we all face unemployment at one time or another.

Automotive ownership is vital to understand if you don’t live in a dense urban region. If you find yourself fortunate, you’ll want to get married. Successful marriage and proper fertility maintenance lead to a new baby. As you develop, you’ll want to consider buying a home someday.

Holidays are a special occasion, but you can save some money on them as well. Family vacations can cost quite a bit, but you can cut down on some of it.

Of course, the unfortunate reality is that people die, and you may be responsible for managing the burial and inheritance process.

Next, we’ll dive into the intricacies of investing, insurance, educating children about money, and preparing for retirement.


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