Productivity 214: Shortcuts For Apple

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Productivity 213: Shortcuts For Google

Siri Tricks

  • System Management
    • Recover a phone – “Whose phone is this?”
    • Open various settings – “Open Siri settings.”
    • Turn WiFi/Bluetooth/Data/etc. on or off – “Turn WiFi on.”
    • Open a favorite app – “Open Spotify.”
    • Changing something that was entered – “Change the time./Change the date./Change it.”
    • Delete or turn off all alarms – “Turn off all alarms.”
    • Date reminders – “Remind me to wash the dishes every other month.”
    • Redefine how a word is pronounced – “That’s not how you pronounce ____/”
  • Entertainment
    • Sports scores – “What is the Seahawks’ score?”
    • Play music and iTunes radio – “Play Kaskade radio.”
    • Sports player info – “When will Metta World Peace and Yao Ming play against each other?”
    • Best/worst teams – “Who is the worst NFL team?”
    • Find movies playing at a specific theater – “What’s playing at GhettoVision Cinemas?”
    • Flights flying overhead – “What flights are overhead?
  • Utilities
    • Take a picture – “Take a picture.”
    • Convert measurements – “How many cups are in a gallon?”
    • Find out how long until you arrive – “What’s my ETA?” (with navigation running)
    • Get walking directions – “Get walking directions to El Salvador.”
    • Search your Notes – “Find my note about cheese.”
    • Check a flight’s status – “Check the flight status of Delta 1337.”
    • Find out holidays’ dates – “What day is Easter?”
    • Find out days between dates or days until a day – “How many days between May 4th and May 5th?”
    • Calorie approximation – “How many calories are in a can of lard?”
    • Tip calculator – “How much is a 35% tip on a $943.26 bill?”
    • See planes flying above – “What planes are flying above me?”
    • Calculator – “What is the square root of -7613?”
    • Add item to list – “Add cat food to my grocery list.”
    • Flip a coin or roll a die – “Roll three dice.”
    • Convert currency – “How much is 10 dollars in Bitcoin?”
  • Social
    • Finding and booking a restaurant – “Find a table for two in an Italian restaurant in Pensacola, Florida.” (can skip city if you’re in it already)
    • Finding a restaurant in general – “Find the best Viking food around.”
    • Post something to Facebook or Twitter – “Post to Twitter: who’s free tonight?”
    • Save relationship to contact – “Greg is my accountant.”
      • Use relationship to send a message or call – “Call my accountant.”
    • Teach Siri to pronounce names – “Learn how to pronounce contact name.” (pronounce the first name after prompting and then pick the name)
    • Schedule a meeting – “Schedule a meeting with my accountant.”
    • Change a meeting – “Change my noon to 9 PM.”

Other Fun Tricks

  • Hold down the capture button on the camera app, the phone will take a series of photos to guarantee you get a perfect shot
  • The volume buttons take photos as long as the camera app is open
  • On the keyboard, hold down the [.] button to see a list of web suffixes to choose from
  • Shake the phone when you’re typing or editing a photo to bring up an Undo function
    • If you’ve just deleted something while typing, shake it to re-type it
  • Slide the texts to the left to see the timestamps for them
  • To set a timer for listening before bed, use the timer in the clock app, then specify Stop Playing when the timer ends
  • Access all of your email drafts easily by holding down the Compose icon
  • Take a screenshot by holding down both the Home button and On/Off button at the same time
  • Ask Siri to divide zero by zero, one of the responses will have her insult you brutally
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