Fun 201: How To Have A Pet

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If you can afford it and have time for it, a pet is always worth it

  • Pets have been proven to make people healthier and live longer
  • Having a pet is a responsibility, but the devotion of a pet is worth its costs
  • There is a natural connection that people make with animals that helps their general happiness overall

Look for a pet based on your desires

  • It’s worth researching the animal’s needs before getting it
    • Some animals are very social and need a lot of attention, while others are content to be away from everyone
    • Look into what kinds of food they can and can’t eat
    • Pay attention to specific needs regarding the climate, humidity or any other living conditions

Try to find reasons for their odd instincts to know how to respond

  • Dogs
    • They are wolves bred to be in a constant state of adolescence
    • They circle several times before lying down to brush away any debris in their area
    • They eat their own poop to cover their trail when in a pack
  • Cats
    • They close their eyes to indicate comfort
    • Their hair stands on end to seem larger to a potential predator
    • They give you gifts of small animal corpses because they are conditioned to believe you can’t catch your own prey

There are many small tricks to working with animals

  • Working with most social animals (dogs, rats, etc.) is a matter of simplified child psychology
    • Put down clear boundaries and enforce them
    • Reward good behavior and punish bad behavior

Some pets are biologically wired to hate each other

  • There is an instinctual eat/run behavior between predator animals like cats and prey animals like mice and birds
  • Territorial animals like dogs will have a hard time with other dogs or people that they feel are taking over their territory
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