Productivity 221: Very Useful Websites, Programs, Plugins & Extensions

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Productivity 215: Microsoft Office Shortcuts

NOTE: Most of these sites have alternate software variations you can find through AlternativeTo or SimilarSites. Also, most of the programs that normally cost money have free alternatives with a clunkier interface and effectively the same features.

Useful Websites

Managing Your Online Accounts & Software

Account Killer – delete and disable tons of Internet accounts at once

IFTTT – connect all your online accounts with “triggers”

otixo – manage multiple cloud services

Secure Password Generator – generates safe passwords for your accounts

Surfing The Internet Safely – check if a site is offline

WhoIsHostingThis? – see who is hosting a website

Norton Safe Web – verify the safety of a website

BuiltWith – analyze what a site is put together with

LastPass – manage all of your passwords securely

Maildropspamgourmet, 10 Minute Mail, Fake Mail Generator, Guerrilla Mail, Throwaway Mail, Mailinator – use a temporary email to avoid signing up for spam

Have I Been Pwned? – check if your email address was involved in any data breaches

Calculators – calculators for almost anything

Mathway – an educational calculator that shows the answer step by step – convert anything into anything

Wolfram Alpha – a calculator for anything that can be quantified

Google Ngram Viewer – an aggregator for written literature

How Long To Read This – measure how long it will take to read a piece of literature

Finding Information

Charity Navigator – financial records of most charities

Geo Location – find out the approximate postal address for a location

Boxoh – track any package

FlightStats – find out the location of a flight

FindTheBest – a research engine

Hotel WiFi Test – speed test and research hotel internet speeds

Word Hippo – find similar words when you can’t remember the exact word

Simple Wikipedia – Wikipedia using simple language

Expanding Possibilities

Copy Paste Character – copy special characters not on your keyboard or Grammarly – grammar and spell check your writing

Google Translate – translate text or an uploaded document automatically

Mixlr – broadcast live audio

Sharing Ideas – send a pre-Googled webpage to someone – share your screen

privnote – send private notes that self-destruct – highlight web pages to make sharing easier – shorten URLs to share and link with

unfurlr – figure out what’s behind someone else’s shortlink – convert your email address into a shortlink to avoid spammers

tinychat – setup private chats with others

faxZERO – send free faxes online

Tall Tweets – write Twitter tweets longer than 140 characters – view the time zones in the simplest way possible – share files quickly

Scribble Maps – custom editing over Google Maps

Slack – share and collaborate with a virtual shared workspace

Useful Media Tools

Screenr – record your computer screen, with or without audio – take a screenshot of a website you specify

PDFescape – a quick and dirty PDF editor

Online OCR – text recognition for PDFs

WeTransfer – send massive files

Adobe Color CC – find the right color and pull colors from inside a file

Jotti’s malware scan – upload a suspicious file to scan it for viruses

FreeImages – download and use stock photographs

PicMonkey – browser-based photo editor

SumoPaint – browser-based Photoshop-style software – save any video or audio to your computer

Inside – daily summarized news brief emailed to you

Pocket – manage your bookmarks more effectively

Corrupt a file – create a corrupted file to send to someone to buy time – simplify web pages for printing

Canva – edit and create graphics for anything you need

Other Non-Computer Life Productivity

Autodesk Homestyler – design or remodel your home in 3D – pure random number generation

noteflight – all-in-one browser-based music notation software

Meetup – connect with people in real life with shared interests

GetHuman or FastCustomer – automate the customer service phone queue

Shyp – a service for shipping anything

Kitestring – a service that will contact friends if you don’t respond after a specified time

Managing A Website

NameChk – check the availability of a web handle

peek – allow others to give a 5-minute evaluation of your website

Google Fonts – open-source fonts to use

iwantmyname – search for domain names you can use

GTmetrix – analyze your site’s speed and make it faster

disposableWebPage – create a webpage that lasts for 90 days

dead link checker – check if a site has a broken link – use a Dropbox or Git account to make a simple website

woorank – find out how a site looks from a marketing perspective

Useful Browser Plugins & Extensions

AdBlock Plus – one of the most effective ad blockers

NoScript – stops all scripts from running on a web page

Grammarly – looks for spelling and grammar mistakes and automatically fixes it

OneTab – consolidates a bunch of tabs into a list for easier processing

Google Similar Pages – finds related pages to the one you’re browsing with

Hola – free VPN for browsing anonymously

MightyText – allows you to send text messages on your phone from your computer

PushBullet – display notifications on any of your devices

Project Naptha – text recognition for images

Useful Apps

Mobile devices

Uber/Lyft – take a ridesharing taxi to wherever you need to go

Circle of 6 – have up to six people you can contact instantly in an emergency

By turning on Google Now, it will remember where you’ve parked your car


Ninite – automatically update software you use

PortableApps – run many free portable applications from cloud storage or flash drive


DeTune – transfer all of your iPhone and iPad songs onto your computer, even ones deleted from iTunes

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