Productivity 221: Very Useful Websites, Programs, Plugins & Extensions

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NOTE: Most of these sites have alternative versions of the software that you can find on AlternativeTo or SimilarSites. Also, most of the programs that normally cost money have a free alternative software that has the same features.

Really Useful Websites

Really Useful Browser Plugins & Extensions

  • AdBlock Plus – one of the most effective ad blockers
    • NoScript – will stop all scripts from running on a web page, requiring you to manually turn them on
  • Grammarly – looks for spelling and grammar mistakes and automatically fixes it
  • OneTab – consolidates a bunch of tabs into a list for easier processing
  • Google Similar Pages – finds related pages to the one you’re browsing with
  • Hola – free and simple VPN for browsing anonymously
  • MightyText – allows you to send text messages on your phone from your computer
  • PushBullet – display notifications on any of your devices
  • Project Naptha – text recognition for images

Really Useful Apps

  • Mobile devices
    • Uber/Lyft – take a ridesharing taxi to wherever you need to go
    • Circle of 6 – have up to six people you can contact instantly in an emergency
    •  Android-specific
      • By turning on Google Now, it will remember where you’ve parked your car
  • PCs
    • Ninite – automatically update software that you use
    • PortableApps – run many free portable applications from cloud storage or from a flash drive
  • Macs
    • DeTune – transfer all of your iPhone and iPad songs onto your computer, even if they were deleted from iTunes
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