Fun 101: Great Boredom-Killing Websites

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Fun 100: What Fun Is

Doing Something Meaningful

BlahTherapy – give or receive anonymous therapy

Calm – guided meditation

Twoo – ask and answer personal questions with strangers

Unplug the TV – ideas for things unrelated to mindless consumption

Learning Useful Stuff

BetterExplained – intuitively learn complex math concepts

DocumentaryHeaven – watch free documentaries

Duolingo – learn English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German for free

Simple Wikipedia – converts Wikipedia articles into extremely plain English – read about scams and crazy stories – learn to speed read for free

TV Tropes – tropes prevalent in movies, TV, games, and literature – learn and master touch typing for free

Justin Guitar – a gigantic lesson program to learn guitar for free

Doing Silly Things

EssayTyper – automatically writes an essay for any topic you choose – fake computer update screens for pranking and Hacker Typer – act out the role of a Hollywood hacker – send letters to yourself in the future

The Bureau of Communication – send government-style messages

Six Degrees of Wikipedia – connects any two unrelated ideas using the shortest number of Wikipedia links possible

Learning Dumb Stuff

Dumb Laws – some of the silliest laws ever written

Urban Dictionary – learn slang and street talk

Buying Dumb Stuff

The Shelter Pups – send a photo of a pet for them to make a stuffed one for you

Sh*t You Can Afford – Skymall for people on a budget – buy neat and crazy products – buy outfits that characters have worn on TV shows

Consuming Media


  • Internet Archive – an unlimited collection of free movies, games, music, websites and more
  • Gnod – the Global Network of Discovery for finding new music, books, movies, and art

Movies & TV

  • agoodmovietowatch – get random recommendations for little-known movies
  • Can I Stream.It? – a search engine to find the cheapest way to get a streaming movie
  • Criticker – look at movie reviews and discover new films
  • instantwatcher – a search engine for online movies
  • – find out if a film has content after the credits or when it’s the best time to visit the bathroom
  • Televisor – find shows that are like your favorite shows
  • YouTube TV – watch YouTube like a television


  • Forgotify – play one of the millions of songs never played on Spotify
  • Musicovery – listen to music based on your mood



  • GeoGuessr – a game of finding where Google Maps has placed you (much harder than it sounds)
  • – a games site that won’t be blocked by school firewalls


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