Fun 101: Great Boredom-Killing Websites

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  • Doing Something Meaningful
    • BlahTherapy – anonymous therapy to receive or give
    • Calm – guided meditation
    • Twoo – ask and answer personal questions with strangers
  • Learning Useful Stuff
    • BetterExplained – learn complex math concepts simply and intuitively
    • DocumentaryHeaven – watch tons of free documentaries
    • Duolingo – learn English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and German interchangeably for free
    • Simple Wikipedia – puts Wikipedia articles in extremely plain English
    • – browse scams and crazy stories
    • – learn to speed read for free
    • TV Tropes – tropes that are in movies, TV, games and literature
    • – learn and master touch typing for free
  • Doing Silly Things
  • Learning Dumb Stuff
  • Buying Dumb Stuff
  • Digesting Various Media
    • Everything
      • Internet Archive – an unlimited collection of free movies, games, music, websites and more
      • Gnod – the Global Network of Discovery, for finding new music, books, movies and art
    • Movies & TV
      • agoodmovietowatch – get random recommendations for little-known movies
      • Can I Stream.It? – a search engine to find the cheapest way to get a streaming movie
      • instantwatcher – a search engine for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video
      • – find out if a movie has content after the credits or when it’s the best time to visit the bathroom
      • Televisor – find shows that are like your favorite shows
      • Whose Line Online – watch any episode of the US/UK show
      • YouTube TV – watch YouTube like a television
    • Music
      • Forgotify – music that has never been played on Spotify
      • Musicovery – listen to music based on your mood
    • Literature
    • Games
      • GeoGuessr – a game of finding where Google Maps has placed you (much harder than it sounds)
    • Other
      • Imgflip – turn any YouTube video into a GIF
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