Health 101: What Health Is

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Everyone talks about health, but they rarely value it

  • It is a state of freedom from illness or injury, which is a broad spectrum
    • Physical injuries
    • Sickness, frailty and the consequences of aging
    • Mental illness
    • Psychological instability
    • Any state of unrest, pain or misery
  • It is the ability to do everything physically possible within the scope of what can be done
  • Without health, nothing else that can be attained really matters
  • However, most people don’t realize it takes dedicated work to keep or improve it

Maintaining or improving health requires many different skills

  • The ability to be self-aware of the body and mind within the context of the world
  • Happiness to maintain the positive mental chemical state that allows faster healing and better living
  • Productivity in exercise and play to build enough self-confidence to maintain health
  • Money management to finance recreation and diet that create a healthy lifestyle
  • This is all possible and simple to learn, but many people will pursue meaningless shortcuts
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