How To Read This

Don’t read this series of guides front-to-back. I never built it for that reason.

These guides are the bare essentials to be successful. If you follow the lists of tips and tasks, you’ll succeed adequately in virtually any expectation our modern world might throw at you.

Life, at least in its living, is a mechanical experience that we impose our sentiments and expressions over. Therefore, if you change the mechanical components of life, you’ll appear to change everything.

I’ve pulled this guide together from about 10,000 articles, YouTube videos, TEDtalks, websites, discussions with professionals, executive summaries, Pinterest/Tumblr images, books, book summaries, forums, web pages, advice columns, and blogs. This series of guides took me four years to compile, three years to condense, and two years to edit and finalize.

The advice is bereft of anecdotes or amusing trivia. I tried to condense it down to the bare essentials for my own comprehension. It’s not a light read.

None of this information is mine. I’ve only compiled together the ideas of others greater than I could ever achieve to.

Part 1 – Awareness

To make any changes whatsoever, you must be aware. Beyond awareness, though, you must use your mind, and I give an essential guide for analysis. Since all logic requires certain degrees of faith, I found it prudent to include a baseline summary of every religious view that matters.

Part 2 – Happiness

If you’ve attained awareness, your first changes should establish your happiness. I describe what happiness is, how to respond to unhappy feelings, long-term happiness maintenance tasks, and how to forgive and release anything inhibiting long-term happiness.

Part 3 – Productivity

Once you’ve attained enough happiness to carry on, you’ll want to polish up your productivity. You’ll first need to take the time set out goals. After you’ve made goals, foster a healthy workspace for your goals. You’ll want to maximize your efficiency as you work. You must also develop your organizational skills. Finally, most productivity comes as an outflow of creativity.

Whether you like them or not, computers are a critical component of all productivity. I have a basic guide for using computers under the presumption you don’t know how to operate one. I also compiled many near-universal computer shortcuts and topical shortcuts for web-browsing, Google, Apple, and Microsoft Office. I’ve also gathered some incredibly useful websites, programs, plugins, and extensions. Finally, if you’re brave, I’ve given some settings that quickly speed up your computer use.

Part 4 – Money Management

Money management is critical for every aspect of life, and I start by describing why you should carefully manage it. I provide an in-depth guide to debt specifically, as well as a guide to budgeting and the general mindset of wealthy people.

I give several general guides in far more detail, including how to spend money, how to save money, priorities to generally aspire to, and how to make more money.

The most challenging money decisions involve large-scale consequences, so I give detailed guides for all of the major ones. Generally, people have to decide on college, unemployment, car ownership, getting married, having a new baby, buying a house, celebrating holidays, going on vacations, and deaths of family members.

Finally, successful money management eventually leads to long-term planning, and I’ve given a few highly advanced guides for the bold. I cover everything about investing, how insurance works, teaching money management to your children, and planning for your retirement and passing.

Part 5 – Health

Health is important, and I explained why, along with its difference from hygiene. One of the most crucial portions of health is how to sleep well. Another is retaining a healthy memory. I also gave a guide on handling most minor afflictions. One of the more crucial aspects of health management is cooking for yourself. In the developed world, one of the most critical health management concerns weight regulation with diet and exercise.

Part 6 – Success

It seems like everyone talks about success, but the term has become uselessly vague. I describe what success is, then how to start the path to success. There are further guides on how to change and how to deal with failure.

Part 7 – Influence

People skills are critical in this world, though your role determines how relevant they are. First, a primer on effective boundaries. Then, a summary on how to make conversation with others. Society has many unspoken norms, and this guide covers most of them. To be effective, though, you must know how to exercise proper tactfulness and charm. Most of this culminates in making meaningful friendships.

Not all social situations are pleasant. I cover everything you need to know about lying, how to manage conflicts, and how to stay legally safe.

Finally, your influence will expand beyond your immediate scope of friends, family, and acquaintances to the rest of the world. Sharing ideas with strangers tests your writing, public speaking, and teaching skills.

Part 8 – Business

Most activities in this world associate with economic gain, which makes understanding economics crucial. When you’re exchanging money, you’re doing business, and the language of business is accounting. Further, I created a simple accounting dictionary for the uninitiated. Alongside accounting, marketing is just as crucial for understanding business. Sadly, multi-level marketing (MLM) is a blight from that industry. Ideas develop according to Rogers’ Innovation Adoption Curve, and the legal framework for monetizing ideas is the world of intellectual properties.

Moving to the smaller scale, people usually find tremendous stress in changing jobs from a lack of sufficient knowledge. The whole process starts with mentally preparing for the career transition, setting appropriate goals, advertising the correct image, finding the right companies, interviewing, landing the right job, and transitioning into the new position.

If you’re confident enough and the right personality, you could start your own business. First, you’ll need a solid business idea. Then, you have to make a business plan. Finally, you’ll have to work diligently at creating your business.

Part 9 – Leadership

Many people view leaders as a high privileged class of society, but the truth is far simpler. Leadership starts with oneself and extends to working within a team. Managers often build teams to begin leading but are also responsible for maintaining those teams. However, true leaders create leaders, and the most celebrated leaders run large organizations.

Part 10 – Homes

If you want a home, you need a sufficient place to live, which starts with proper housekeeping. If you care about where you live, you should improve and decorate your home. Though moving is stressful, follow this checklist to manage it.

A house with one person is lonely, and from teenage years you should consider dating and relationships. If you find the right person, consider marriage. The next life stage worth considering is preparing for children, which opens up the long-term role of parenting. Since parenting is temporary, you’ll someday need to move on from your kids.

Part 11 – Extreme Survival

As terrifying as the end of civilization can be, we shouldn’t dwell on it. Instead, prepare for it and ignore your fears. Your most crucial survival skill is knowledge like basic first aid and disaster prep for your home.

Beyond natural disasters your government could abuse its privileges, the government could collapse, or society could fall completely apart.

Part 12 – Fun

One of the highest forms of self-love is relaxation, but many people don’t know what “fun” even is! Many of them browse the same websites without exploring new ones, and most of them don’t know how to throw a party!

If you’re devoted to having fun, you should get a pet or volunteer somewhere. Fun-loving people can have fun at any event or with any vacation, and explore silly little things like predicting the weather without technology.

Finally, we derive much enjoyment from food and drink, which is why I’ve given hundreds of fun recipes and the proper ways to enjoy alcohol, coffee, and tea!