Why This Is Worth Reading

100,000 Tips is a compiled repository of only the factual information from thousands of internet articles, videos, TEDtalks, discussions with professionals, executive summaries, forums, lifehacks, books and advice columns.

It was my pet project from 2014 to 2016, and every few years I add some information to it.

I had become weary of how much time it was taking for me to learn what was supposedly the “necessary” information to live. I wanted “just the facts” without the endless parade of stories, anecdotes, examples or convincing that fills the pages and screens in the self-help world.

Though there are exceptions, I saw how most self-help books became about two pages of information, most articles were worth three sentences of facts, and the data from many videos would take less than one minute to get their points across. I wanted to see an executive summary of life itself.

The 100,000 Tips is a primer on living life. I am presuming that you don’t know anything but are 100% devoted to learning it. If you’ve heard of a name in the self-help world, from Stephen Covey to Zig Ziglar to Dale Carnegie to Leo Babauta, I’ve borrowed from them in some way or another. In a way, they’ve already made this; I only filtered out everything but the raw data.

Ideas, in my opinion, must stand upon their own. If a self-help book’s first chapter is trying to prove credibility, it should be done succinctly and quickly to get the required marketing out of the way. In the same way, I prefer you assess what I’ve made and decide for yourself. You can email me at gstucky@philosaccounting.com if you believe I am either in error or that I’ve overlooked something that pertains to the average individual.

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