So who are you?
  • I’m just a pathologically philosophical guy with a penchant for condensed information.
  • No, really, who are you? Are you other places on the Internet?
Why this website?
  • At one time in my life, I was an inconsolable perfectionist and felt the internet’s means of transmitting information was errant, redundant, biased and broken. Since then I’ve learned that we’re all errant, redundant, biased and broken.
  • Where did you get all the information!?
      At one time in the past I was a social retard. My high-functioning autism gave me enough social capability to perform but zero ability to understand implication. I spent years of hoarding thousands of articles and notes from about a hundred sources, and this site became my commonplace book from it.
    But why a website? There’s enough information here for 15 books!
      I didn’t feel a book would do the information justice. I wanted the information to be searchable and desired it to be constantly updated. I was, in effect, trying to create a one-man wiki.
    Is this site still being developed?
      I’m done with my jokes page and my tips page, but I’m still trying out publishing books and might someday play around with videos, seminars or podcasts. Let me know if you want to collaborate.
So why “the Philosopher Accountant”?
    I love philosophy and I love accounting. Philosophy alone risks moving into the realm of abstract uselessness and accounting by itself can become obsessed with endless worthless minutiae, so I try to combine the best of both.
So what are you up to these days?
    I keep my /now page up to date as frequently as I can remember, and most of my personal life is shown through my blogs or social media. I’m a transparent person, so you can always ask!