What Is the Philosopher Accountant?

This site is a commonplace book

  • I’m a deeply analytical thinker, and love the ideals that converging philosophy and accounting provide
    • Philosophy answers the most important questions in life
    • Accounting displays large amounts of information as concise summaries
    • Philosophy alone can become highly impractical, while accounting alone can become worthless tedium
  • This site isn’t for everyone
    • I try to answer the questions every person concerned with self-improvement eventually asks
    • If you read through this, you will understand a little bit about everything that makes a good life

the Philosopher Accountant is accounting

This site was the work of my self-designed system:

  1. Archive hundreds of articles and books from God knows how many reputable sources
  2. Eliminate any “fluff” from the articles:
    • Introductory statements meant to draw the reader in
    • Personal experiences and anecdotes that can identify with a specific audience
    • Very specific applications of the information that are more prescriptive than informative
    • Reiterations of the main point
    • Closing questions meant to inspire the comments thread
  3. Take the remaining ideas and assemble them from one logical application to the next across ideas
  4. Publish the finished pages

the Philosopher Accountant is philosophy

Some people value universally relevant and time-insensitive information, but most people prefer entertainment to dilute the experience

  • Remove the following and imagine how much of the Internet would remain:
    • Cat photos
    • Videos of people getting hurt
    • Pornography
    • Crazy, dumb or rich people doing things that don’t matter
    • Narcissistic status updates
    • The week’s favorite memes
    • Entertainment that adds zero value to its consumers
    • Misleading links to useless articles
  • Anything left over is often obfuscated and distorted to fit selfish ambitions:
    • Marketing-based motivation to misrepresent facts
    • Pay-for-viewing subscription services that cost money nobody needs to spend
    • Promotion of additional services and products that may not provide the ideal solution to the reader
  • Even to the most noble intentions, many people won’t provide the simple facts:
    • Stories and restatements of the same information
    • Inaccurate information from inexperience or unreasonable levels of bias
    • Omitted information that strings along readers to the next chapter, installment or premium/subscriber content
    • Poor HTML authoring that distracts from the reading experience

I make no money from this site

This is my desire to create a self-help portal for anyone who just wants the facts, and it flows out of my own mission statement on life.

If you want to connect, collaborate, commingle, correspond or cogitate email me at gstucky@philosaccounting.com or just find out what I’m doing /now.