My Mission Statement

  • Knowledge is power, but wisdom is focus. My purpose for knowing anything is to apply it.
  • The confining focus of principles is the only way I can guide my actions, and my passions and desires should never supersede my values.
  • My life is defined by the results I’ve discovered in the making of the Philosopher Accountant:
    1. I will aspire to maintain awareness of everything my faculties can perceive. All experiences are driven by the data of perception and understanding, and I will always adhere to the truths that can be found in that data.
    2. My happiness is my own sole responsibility, and everyone else is responsible for their own happiness as well. I can only influence others’ feelings, but must master control of my own.
    3. All facets of focus and effort will either be dedicated to relinquishing control in meditation and prayer or in steadfast personal management. There is a greater and higher standard than this world can provide, and I will always aim for it.
    4. Wise financial management is my responsibility, and as an accountant it is my duty to inform others about the wisest and most morally sound financial direction to take.
    5. It’s my duty to sustain and condition my diet and exercise lifestyle to ensure my optimal health and most effective energy level.
    6. If and when failure happens, I will take corrective action to avoid repeating the same mistake and move on from the decision. My life’s purpose transcends my own life, and the only place I can find true satisfaction is in serving others, and at the same time I will not serve out of anything but a desire for others’ best interests.
    7. Who I know is more important than what I know, and it is my responsibility to be an effective communicator, a focused listener, privately holding others’ secrets and maintaining transparency with others.
    8. What I say I’ll do is an immutable contract. If I somehow cannot hold to my word, I will make every effort to ensure a satisfactory alternative. In my work, I will always maintain a professional and dignified composure.
    9. My first leadership responsibility is of myself, and it extends outward in successive order of those that I maintain the most influence over. To be truly effective, my influence with others must come from desire and not fear or guilt.
    10. My principles and values are as adherent to my personal life as my professional life, and my domestic duties must be fulfilled as successfully as my work.
    11. I work hard to play hard, and the purpose of recreation is to enjoy and reap what the work has sown. The art of enjoyment is as important as the art of work.
    12. I will adapt to all situations I am presented with, no matter the hardship and no matter the challenge. I will never wish for the past to be relived or dwell upon an unlikely hope.
  • I will conduct deep personal audits of all of the above on a consistent basis.