Author: the Philosopher Accountant

About the Philosopher Accountant

I am a philosopher and an accountant. I combine my two passions through summary reports of wisdom.

Great Principles To Manage Money

Moving on from productivity, our self-help self-guided tour takes us to money management. Since absolutely everything involving lifestyles incorporates money, I’ve outlined details on how to manage it in four major sections:

  1. Money management principles
  2. General spending, saving, and goal-setting tips
  3. Tips for specific situations
  4. Long-term planning tips

I’ve now completed updating the first section, which covers why money management matters, the truth about debt, how to make a budget, and how millionaires think and live.

More Computer Productivity

When I wrote my Productivity pages, I had envisioned how I was going to transform the face of productivity. Seeing as how at the time I obsessed with someday becoming a computer programmer, I devoted an entire section to computer tricks.

They’re still useful, and they’re still worth skimming for you to improve your computer productivity, but this was one of the not-so-fun groups of pages to revisit.

Anyway, you can now learn about the basics of good computer use, near-universal computer shortcuts, shortcuts for internet browsing, Google, Apple, and Microsoft Office, some pretty dang useful websites and plugins and stuff, and some advice on how to get under the hood and optimize the settings for yourself.

Next, I’ll be giving all of you absolutely everything an average person should know about money, and I’m certainly looking forward to it!

Productively Created Pages

I’ve made some pages about productivity. They’re worth skimming.

First, you want to set goals. Following that, you’ll want to set up your workspace. Finally, you’ll want to optimize your work.

Of course, you’ll need to stay organized enough to get things done, and you will have to learn how to be creative to do more meaningful work.

More coming!