How To Read This

Only read this summary of Christianity front-to-back if you don’t know anything about it.

Though most of the practical aspects of my worldview were fulfilled through my Guides To Fix Everything, one component of my understanding remained: the basics of my Christian faith.

After sifting through hundreds of articles left over from my Guides’ research, I assembled the raw essentials of the exact mechanics of Christianity.

Part 1: A Christian’s Metaphysical Worldview

Since the Bible defines all of Christianity’s beliefs, I dive into what it is and why it matters.

The Bible explains everything, starting with who God is and who we are, but most importantly shares a message of hope and redemption known as the Gospel.

Part 2: A Relationship With God

By listening and believing the Gospel message, you become a new creation in Christ. As a new creation, your most significant battle will come from your flesh’s sin condition fighting your reborn spirit, but the whole purpose of removing sins is to communicate more intimately with God.

Part 3: Relationships With Others

Life as a Christian isn’t in a vacuum. Your lifestyle will impact your mindset on family first. Your new spiritual family will come through attending a healthy church.

Once you’ve grown in your faith, you’ll soon discover your spiritual gifts. Those gifts come directly from God to help you lead others to Christ and disciple others. If God prepares you for it, you may even run a ministry someday.

Part 4: Conflicts

Christianity isn’t purely enjoyment. For one, the Church often disagrees among its members. Also, Satan is working overtime to destroy everything God has built. The world around us enjoys periodically persecuting God’s people as well.

Part 5: End Times

The end of the world is coming, but many people have failed at predicting it. However, God has predicted when He’s coming back by giving plenty of indicators.

What The Bible Is