How to Deal with Autism

Are you autistic and tired of being looked down on for it? Have you struggled with the depressing reality that nobody ever seems to respect you? Are you at a point where you’ve become embittered about the whole social conformity issue?







As a non-autistic, have you heard about autism but don’t know what it is? Do you have a hard time in the workplace or with family that claim to be autistic? Do their strange and socially awkward approaches annoy you to where you can barely think straight?







These walk-throughs of the norms of “normalcy” and how it pertains to autism are meant to educate everyone about autism. I’ve written them specifically for autistics and neurotypicals, respectively. I can promise you that after reading it you’ll not only understand how autism works, you’ll also see the struggles of autism and know how to effectively reconcile autism with the rest of society.

As the Philosopher Accountant, I have written thousands of tips about most self-help aspects of living, and I’ve distilled years of past experience and self-education from climbing up through the autism spectrum to bring my own view on the ideal relationship that autism should have with the rest of the world.

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