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Success Successfully Summarized

I have a confession to make. I am not entirely happy with my success pages. At the time, I wanted to define success and give complete coverage of the idea, but I’ve now realized that full coverage of the topic requires either twice the content or a summation of about half of it.

However, since I intend to cover the topic more thoroughly in a future book (with much more personality), I am accepting what I’ve done and am moving on with a non-perfect work.

Therefore, for your reading pleasure, you can learn about what success really is, how to plan your own success, the changes you’ll have to make, and how to persevere when the going gets tough.

Next, I’ll tackle everything you’ll need to know about people skills!

Final Parts of Money

After the specificity of the prior money tips, we now move into the most advanced stages of money management.

First, I’ve made a solid primer on investing and another on insurance. Then, I’ve moved into what you should teach your children about money as they grow up. Finally, I close with money advice on how to retire and plan for your own death.

Next, we’ll move into the next section: how to be healthy!

Money-Saving Details

Obviously, budgeting and understanding money in a broad sense is important, but what about actually saving money? And, equally importantly, how do we use it and earn even more of it?

My Money 200 series is more in-depth, and I highly recommend that anyone who wants to know more about money at least skim it. First, I give guidelines and habits that work absolutely everywhere when spending money. Next, we tackle the major categories of routine spending and how to save in each of those categories.

Once you’ve acquired some free cash, you should start a more practical and definite long-term plan, and I’ve given the best procedure to do it. Of course, good habits inspire more good habits, and saving some money and seeing results will inspire you to earn more, and this section wraps it up with ideas to get some good side income.