Site Updates

Backing Up, Trying Again

Sometimes we make personal vows to accomplish something, and most of the time it’s a worthy endeavor.

However, there are occasional times when we want to attain something that fundamentally isn’t worth anyone’s time.

I had the ambition to create a book format for my 100,000 Tips, but then I realized that I’m only reinventing the wheel.

I would be amiss to express that success isn’t without failure, and this would be a public expression of such an example.

My heart hasn’t waned confident, though. Instead of creating a book, I’m going to go back through the pages and update them for grammar, form, content, and any stray elements of punctuation or formatting that my fever-pitched mind may have overlooked the first time around.

Stay tuned for more posts about it!

More Book Work

Since I work as a truck driver to enable my family to eat, I’ve been packing in time here and there on the first book. Currently, I’ve built the framework, rebuilt it to make it more of a story, and am half-way done with adding narrative to the framework of thought. But, rest assured, I’m doing it, and I can guarantee it’ll be a more fun experience to read through than any book I’ve written before!

New Book Coming Soon!

I’ve been negligent in updating, but I promise I’ve been busy!

Right now I’m finalizing the first in what will likely be a 15-book series. It is essentially a narrativized and more well-developed presentation of the 100,000 Tips that has been a cornerstone of this site for so long.

More details to come!