Thoughts & Ideas

How To Have Fun

I’ve concluded my Advice on Everything by giving many ideas to have fun.

First, I give a primer on what fun is and how to have it. Next, I compiled a number of excellent websites to kill boredom. I also gave a guide on how to throw a great party.

Next, I have several guides for some worthwhile pastimes, including how to have a pet, ideas for volunteering, how to enjoy your vacations and trips, and how to predict weather without technology.

Finally, I’ve given plenty of tips on improving food, alcohol, coffee, and tea.

How To Survive

As a detour from the components for success, I’ve given a guide on how to survive progressively worse hardship.

First, you should understand the mentality necessary for survival. Next, you should know how to perform basic first aid. Finally, learn what you need to be prepared for a disaster.

If your government starts abusing your rights, learn how to mentally prepare for it. If things get bad enough, prepare for temporary anarchy. Finally, get ready for prolonged economic collapse by surviving in the wild.