Other Things

Social Media

I update my Facebook and Twitter pages regularly with original stuff

A Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, and Tumblr page auto-barf RSS from this site

That LinkedIn profile and Medium are also homes to some random one-off articles I’ve made

I update YouTube with sporadic impromptu videos of my unconventional life

When I remember, I also update my personal blog, along with my /now page

I once used Pinterest and still have quite a bit on that site, and I never use Instagram

Silly Random Things

Strange Bible Verses

  • I got tired of Bible verses hand-picked for an out-of-context expression with an Instagram filter applied to a stock photo, so I made a few of my own

Calendar of the Most Ridiculous Holidays

Weird Al’s History of Pop Music

  • A YouTube playlist of Weird Al’s music, set alongside the originals and organized by year

Old-Timey Marketing

End of Days Digest

  • I grabbed some RSS feeds from sources that would most quickly predict the apocalypse, then auto-barfed them to a Facebook feed