Why This Site?

This site is how I can feel unfettered from the shackles of social media. While algorithmic aggregators on FaceSpace, MyTube, Twinterest or whichever rule how much influence anyone has by the unspoken (and likely self-unaware) prejudices of its creators, my website gives me the freedom to micromanage without fear of social reprisal beyond search engines.

I’m a recovered stoic. At one time, I built my purpose around eradicating things that could cause pain. After a particularly painful dislocated foot with barely any expression whatsoever, I realized I had nearly accomplished my goal, and it wasn’t getting me anywhere toward the pursuit of fulfillment.

My most severe defect of character is that I obsess over the truth until it interests nobody but me. I don’t naturally concern myself with narrative, image, perspective, optics, or even such trivial matters like propriety, rules or implications.

Thankfully, I can unnaturally concern myself with the “human” side of things, but it’s not my forte. I hope my kids surpass me on that someday.

I call myself the Philosopher Accountant because it’s the convergence of what I obsess over. The world of philosophy is often impractical to a fault while petty small-mindedness frequents the world of accounting.

I devote myself to the transcendentals of truth, beauty, and goodness, but draw the line where they fail to change results in thought or environment. I obsess with data, but only if I can build conceptual frameworks or ideological bases with it.

Feel free to connect with me (gstucky@philosaccounting.com if you’re old-school). I’m always interested in new things and new people!