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Two college students are in a new town driving back from the grocery store.

“Okay, everything’s ready for the party. We have the beer, snacks…oh geez,” he stopped mid-sentence.

“What? Did we forget something?” the other friend responded.

“Yeah, we forgot the milk! We can’t have White Russians without milk now, can we?” he exclaimed exasperated.

“Hey, pull over here. There’s this crematorium,” he asserted.

The friend goes into the building. A minute later he comes running back to the car with a mob of ten people chasing after him and yelling obscenities.

“Drive!” he screams as he launches himself through the passenger window. Upon closer inspection, the other one notices that he has a black eye, a ripped shirt, a knife wound and bruises all over his body.

“Geez, man! What happened back there!?”

“I don’t know,” he replied confused, “I went in the crematorium and saw everyone looking sad and couldn’t find any milk, so I just said ‘hey, what’s cookin’?'”