I’m in Banning, CA in a major transitional period with my firstborn son and wife.

I’m currently spending all my time on these things (in order of time spent):

  • Trying my hand at screen-writing since I’ve found a remarkably gifted videographer to collaborate with
  • Looking into creating a website that guides and aids people in how they can more articulately help the poor
  • Cleaning up the Philosopher Accountant and finalizing pages with more content
  • Looking into delivering seminars on either the content on the Philosopher Accountant or the poverty site that hasn’t been made yet
  • Maintaining a newborn while keeping some sense of normalcy and relationship with my wife
  • Looking into and researching for a courier service small business
  • Kicking around ideas on starting a joint business with my wife along with a workshop program with her
  • Consistently blogging the madness I share with my wife and son here

To stay focused, I say no to requests that aren’t related to the things listed above. I wish I could do more, but life is too short to do everything I want to do!

I care more about truth and values than money or reputation, so if you want to become a priority to me please appeal to those standards.

One of my favorite hobbies is networking, so please feel free to connect via social network or message me:

If my activities change, I’ll update this page. The last update was 4/26/2017.