Page/Book Updates

I told myself I wouldn’t revisit the 100,000 Tips page, but I found this page, this page and this one in my archives, along with this link. At the same time, I am gearing up to make a large self-help book out of the whole shebang, so I felt compelled to update them in the pages here, here and here and updated this link page.

I’ve now developed a clear goal of what I want my book adaptation to look like. From what I’m reading, it appears that every self-help book is focused on specializing in a niche of a niche, but what about how to be “adequate” at living in this world? There are many elements, but it seems like they’re all giving pieces of a grander picture. My vision is to fill that void.

Credit Due

As I’ve said before, my ambition is to turn the entire 100,000 Tips into a series of how-to books (one of them being about productivity directly), but sometimes there are people who can effectively strip vestigial ideas to focus in on a general concept. Though I’m not deterred from my Master Plan due to its much grander scale, this guy has created a nice summary of making productivity super effective along with how important everything blends into it.

Though I may share most of that information in another form, he pretty much covers all aspects of making focusing as easy as possible, and my hat goes off to him.

Credit Due

If you’ve taken the time to read through my 100,000 Tips, you likely understand that there is an inherent value in providing meaningful and straightforward information to readers. With that said, this tech guy’s Useful Mental Models deserves an honorable mention. Even though I’ve expressed many of the ideas, there is a pleasant addition the ideas provide when abstracted from a direct context.

Engineering is the practical application of science, and though I’m currently at a loss of words to describe the practical application of philosophy, that page demonstrates a great starting point on how to think more effectively.

More Book Work

Since I work as a truck driver to enable my family to eat, I’ve been packing in time here and there on the first book. Currently, I’ve built the framework, rebuilt it to make it more of a story, and am half-way done with adding narrative to the framework of thought. But, rest assured, I’m doing it, and I can guarantee it’ll be a more fun experience to read through than any book I’ve written before!

Credit Due

If you’re wondering about insurance, you can read my page on it. However, with all its insanity the insurance industry is rife with opportunities, and this yCombinator post effectively summarizes the types of opportunities for those of you interested in a bold and rewarding career in the conceptual world of risk management.

New Book Coming Soon!

I’ve been negligent in updating, but I promise I’ve been busy!

Right now I’m finalizing the first in what will likely be a 15-book series. It is essentially a narrativized and more well-developed presentation of the 100,000 Tips that has been a cornerstone of this site for so long.

More details to come!