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How To Throw A Party

A true artist is hard to find

  • True art can be recognized by a commoner as being impressive, noteworthy or requiring tremendous dedication to complete
  • They are genuinely creative and constantly express their art unconventionally
  • They are productive enough to continue creating art
  • Their art is impossible to duplicate without appearing like an imitation
  • Commercial success is a byproduct of their art, not the reason for it

Conventional Art Media

  • Julian Beever – chalk artist that incorporates three-dimensional viewing into the presentation
  • Phil Hansen – uses unconventional materials to make art
  • David Irvine – brings new light to old art
  • Willard Wigan – sculptor of extremely tiny art
  • Jon Almeda – sculptor of very small pottery


  • Phil Keaggy – developed a few dozen new guitar styles and plays an acoustic guitar like an electric one
  • Grant Woolard – musical mashup artist
  • Weird Al Yankovic – has parodied pop culture for over 3 decades, and imitates the styles perfectly

Visual Media

  • CGP Grey – unconventional educational videos
  • Mike Judge – television show creator, never seems to make the same style twice
  • Trey Parker – works often with Matt Stone, always finds new ways to offend while staying inside officially defined boundaries
  • Hayao Miyazaki – creates many original family-friendly animations that are always spellbinding
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