Leading the World in Long Executive Summaries about Executives

After a tumultuous period of off-again, on-again writing time, I’ve finally fixed what was quite possibly my most scattered series of thoughts.

Management is a complex set of specific skills, but I’ve been able to condense them to just the universal facts, broken apart by the 5 Levels of Leadership.

Before anything else, we should define what a leader is. A great leader starts asĀ a great self-leader. Beyond their own work, they must know how to work on a team. If society has permitted them, they then become responsible for forming their own team.

However, the true test of a leader is their ability to maintain that team. The greatest of them learn how to make leaders through their example. The select few who have attained greatness are picked for leading organizations.

Final Parts of Money

After the specificity of the prior money tips, we now move into the most advanced stages of money management.

First, I’ve made a solid primer on investing and another on insurance. Then, I’ve moved into what you should teach your children about money as they grow up. Finally, I close with money advice on how to retire and plan for your own death.

Next, we’ll move into the next section: how to be healthy!