How To Have Fun

I’ve concluded my Advice on Everything by giving many ideas to have fun.

First, I give a primer on what fun is and how to have it. Next, I compiled a number of excellent websites to kill boredom. I also gave a guide on how to throw a great party.

Next, I have several guides for some worthwhile pastimes, including how to have a pet, ideas for volunteering, how to enjoy your vacations and trips, and how to predict weather without technology.

Finally, I’ve given plenty of tips on improving food, alcohol, coffee, and tea.

Leading the World in Long Executive Summaries about Executives

After a tumultuous period of off-again, on-again writing time, I’ve finally fixed what was quite possibly my most scattered series of thoughts.

Management is a complex set of specific skills, but I’ve been able to condense them to just the universal facts, broken apart by the 5 Levels of Leadership.

Before anything else, we should define what a leader is. A great leader starts asĀ a great self-leader. Beyond their own work, they must know how to work on a team. If society has permitted them, they then become responsible for forming their own team.

However, the true test of a leader is their ability to maintain that team. The greatest of them learn how to make leaders through their example. The select few who have attained greatness are picked for leading organizations.

How To Not Be A Social Retard

Social skills are vital to coexist in this world with all the other folks who aren’t exactly like you. With that in mind, I’ve been fixing my 100,000 Tips’ social skills sections. The first portion is finished.

First, I give you the basics on respecting others and boundaries. Next, I’ve given a rough guide on how to casually engage with others. Obviously you’re going to run across quite a few social norms, and I’ve outlined a general guide on how to navigate them and what to expect.

Beyond the basics, I’ve added a guide to filling your time with others with tactfulness and a bit of charm. Finally, this all culminates in the art of making friends.