The Coolest Thing Today

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Take a five-minute break from the halftime show to do the coolest thing ever: learning about relativity!

New Podcast!

My new microphone came in the mail today. As a reward, I’ve made a new podcast called Philosominute on SoundCloud and YouTube where I distill philosophical ideas down to their bare uncomplicated essence.

Credit Due

If you’ve taken the time to read through my 100,000 Tips, you likely understand that there is an inherent value in providing meaningful and straightforward information to readers. With that said, this tech guy’s Useful Mental Models¬†deserves an honorable mention. Even though I’ve¬†expressed many of the ideas, there is a pleasant addition the ideas provide when abstracted from a direct context.

Engineering is the practical application of science, and though I’m currently at a loss of words to describe the practical application of philosophy, that page demonstrates a great starting point on how to think more effectively.