From here on out I’m going to have posts about other folks’ fine work. The internet is filled with brilliant and wonderful thoughts that can make the world an overall better place to live in, so I’ll avoid muddying it with thoughts that aren’t of the purest and highest concentration of quality to give others a chance to experience ideas in the natural way they should progress.

Today’s piece comes from the venerable Cory Doctorow here, and he expresses how absurdly separated DRM has become from copyright protection. It’s a compelling read, but put aside at least 15 minutes for it.

After devoting my heart into it, I’ve created a new Kindle/print book: How to Stop Looking Autistic. If you’re autistic or just plain awkward, this will give you a tutorial on how to behave like a neurotypical and drastically increase your ability to make friends. Refer this to someone you know who’s autistic!

I’m currently working on two books, both inter-related. I’m nearly finished with the first manuscript, and intend to get it done by the end of this week. If you’re autistic, it should interest you. The second will be coming shortly after that, and it’s for anyone who knows someone autistic.