All About Flowers

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  • Take advantage of when the flower industry is not in a high season. Avoid:
    • Christmas/Hanukkah
    • Mother’s Day
    • Valentine’s Day
    • Easter/Passover
    • Thanksgiving
  • Keep your flower messages unmixed.
  • For major events, shop with meaning in mind.
  • Flowers at supermarkets cost about 25% the cost of professional florists.
  • In Victorian times, flower selection was limited. This meant that a flower had a specific symbol and meaning. This is no longer the case, but the Society of American Florists keeps a history of what individual flowers meant. There is still a modern-day meaning for many, but it is nowhere near as emphasized:
Alstroemeria Aspiring
Amaryllis Dramatic Radiant beauty
Anemone Fragile
Anthurium Hospitality
Apple Blossom Promise
Aster Contentment (believed to drive away evil spirits if burned) Patience
Azalea Abundance
Baby’s Breath Festivity
Bachelor Button Anticipation
Begonia Deep thoughts
Bird of Paradise Joy
Black-Eyed Susan Encouragement
Camellia Graciousness
Carnation Pride, Beauty & Eternal Maternal Love
Pink Gratitude
Red Flashy
Striped Refusal
White Remembrance
Yellow Cheerful
Chrysanthemum The Sun & Fidelity
Bronze Excitement
White Truth
Red Sharing
Yellow Secret admirer
Cosmos Peaceful
Crocus Foresight
Daffodil Chivalry Chivalry
Dahlia Elegance
Delphinium Boldness
Daisy Innocence Innocence, Gentleness & Cheerfulness
Freesia Spirited
Forget-Me-Not Remember me forever True Love
Gardenia Joy Ecstasy & Luck
Geranium Comfort
Ginger Proud
Gladiolus Strength of character Strength of character
Heather “Solitude (used for roofing, bedding, fuel & rope)” Admiration
Hibiscus Delicate beauty Delicate beauty
Holly Domestic happiness
Honeysuckle Devotion
Hyacinth Sincerity
Hydrangea Perseverance Sincerity
Iris Inspiration Goodness
Ivy Fidelity
Jasmine Grace and elegance
Larkspur Beautiful spirit
Lavender Distrust
Lilac First love Mother/Child Love & Newfound Love
Lily Peace
Calla Regal
Casablanca Celebration
Day Enthusiasm
Stargazer Ambition
Tiger Wealth & Pride
White Chastity & Virtue
Lisianthus Calming
Magnolia Dignity
Marigold Desire for riches Resilience
Nasturtium Patriotism
Orange Blossom Fertility
Orchid Delicate beauty Refinemen, Virility & Love
Pansy Loving thoughts
Passion flower Passion
Peony Healing
Poppy Consolation
Queen Anne’s Lace Delicate femininity
Ranunculus Radiant
Rhododendron Beware
Rose Never-Ending Love & Passion
Black Death’s parting & Hatred
Blue Mystery
Blue-Lavender Respect
Lavender Love at first sight
Peach Honor & Desire to be together
Pink Friendship Honor, Friendship & Grace
Red Passionate love Passionate Love, Romance & Beauty
Red & white Unity
White Purity Respect, Purity & Silent Love
Yellow Zealous Love, Beauty, Friendship & Betrayal
Snapdragon Presumptuous
Star of Bethlehem Hope
Stephanotis Good luck
Statice Success
Sunflower Adoration Longevity, Loyalty & Best Wishes
Sweetpea Shyness (complementary to a bouquet)
Tuberose Pleasure
Tulip Fame & Perfect Lover
Pink Caring
Purple Royalty
Red Declaration of love
White Forgiveness
Yellow Hopelessly in love
Violet Faithfulness
Wisteria Steadfast
Yarrow Good health
Zinnia Thoughts of friends