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Productivity 212: Internet Browsing Shortcuts

Search for specific results

Search for only academically approved content on

Add “SOLVED” to the end of the search when trying to find the answer to a problem

Exclude the term from the search

  • -keyword

Search for the exact phrase

  • “key word”

Search by author

  • author:johnson

Search for a type of file

  • filetype:[pdf]

Search in a specific location

  • location:nyc

Show all results from the designated number range (date, measurement, prices, money, etc.)

  • 2000..2010

Search for a specific web page title

Return only results with the word in the title

  • intitle:keyword

Return results with all the words in the title

  • allintitle:key words

Search for specific text

Return only results with the words in the text

  • intext:keyword

Return only results with all the words in the text

  • allintext:key words

Search a specific URL/Site

Search inside the URL for strings of words

  • allinurl:key words

Search a specific site


Search for sites that only link to a specific URL


Search sites that are related to the specified site


Get a 90-day history of virus attempts on visitors


Highly specific results & tools

Find an airline’s aircraft location

  • UA 117

Dictionary definition for a word

  • define:keyword


  • translate keyword to Spanish


  • (2*30)/6+4

Unit conversion

  • 132 cups in liters

Set a timer

  • set timer 15 minutes


  • weather in Brooklyn


  • sunrise tomorrow
  • sunset Honolulu


  • time
  • time Tokyo

Compare foods’ nutritional values

  • cheese vs cream cheese

Stock quotes

  • GOOG

Sports scores

  • Lakers

Your public IP address

  • IP address

Package tracking

  • 1Z519215G59F45621311112

Sample exams

  • site:edu [school subject] exam

Avoid country-specific website redirecting (No Country Redirect)


Find a direct download link for a movie

  • [movie name] -inurl:(htm|html|php|pls|txt) intitle:index.of “last modified” (mkv|mp4|avi)

Broader web results

Search for related words

  • ~keyword
  • related:keyword

Search for various common terms associated with the keyword

  • * search (would look for “web search”, “house search”, etc.)
  • there is a * that never goes * (fills in the most commonly used answers)

Search either/or terms

  • key OR words
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