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Productivity 213: Google Shortcuts

Siri Tricks

System Management

Recover a phone – “Whose phone is this?”

Open various settings – “Open Siri settings.”

Turn WiFi/Bluetooth/Data/etc. on or off – “Turn WiFi on.”

Open a favorite app – “Open Spotify.”

Changing something you’ve entered – “Change the time./Change the date./Change it.”

Delete or turn off all alarms – “Turn off all alarms.”

Date reminders – “Remind me to wash the dishes every other month.”

Redefine how a word is pronounced – “That’s not how you pronounce ____.”


Sports scores – “What is the Seahawks’ score?”

Play music and iTunes radio – “Play Kaskade radio.”

Sports player info – “When will Metta World Peace and Yao Ming play against each other?”

Best/worst teams – “Who is the worst NFL team?”

Find movies playing at a specific theater – “What’s playing at GhettoVision Cinemas?”

Flights flying overhead – “What flights are overhead?


Take a picture – “Take a picture.”

Convert measurements – “How many cups are in a gallon?”

Find out how long until you arrive – “What’s my ETA?” (with navigation running)

Get walking directions – “Get walking directions to El Salvador.”

Search your Notes – “Find my note about cheese.”

Check a flight’s status – “Check the flight status of Delta 1337.”

Find out holidays’ dates – “What day is Easter?”

Find out days between dates or days until a day – “How many days between May 4th and May 5th?”

Calorie approximation – “How many calories are in a can of lard?”

Tip calculator – “How much is a 35% tip on a $943.26 bill?”

See planes flying above – “What planes are flying above me?”

Calculator – “What is the square root of -7613?”

Add item to list – “Add cat food to my grocery list.”

Flip a coin or roll a die – “Roll three dice.”

Convert currency – “How much are ten dollars in Bitcoin?”


Finding and booking a restaurant – “Find a table for two in an Italian restaurant in Pensacola, Florida.” (can skip city if you’re in it already)

Finding a restaurant in general – “Find the best Viking food around.”

Post something on Facebook or Twitter – “Post to Twitter: who’s free tonight?”

Save relationship to contact – “Dan is my accountant.”

  • Use relationship to send a message or call – “Call my accountant.”

Teach Siri to pronounce names – “Learn how to pronounce contact name.” (pronounce the first name after prompting and then pick the name)

Schedule a meeting – “Schedule a meeting with my accountant.”

Change a meeting – “Change my noon to 9 PM.”

Other Fun Tricks

Hold down the capture button on the camera app to take a series of photos to guarantee a perfect shot

The volume buttons take photos as long as the camera app is open

On the keyboard, hold down the [.] button to see a list of web suffixes to choose from

Shake the phone when you’re typing or editing a photo to bring up an Undo function

  • If you’ve just deleted something while typing, shake it to re-type it

Slide the texts to the left to see the timestamps for them

To set a timer for listening before bed, use the timer in the clock app, then specify Stop Playing when the timer ends

Access all of your email drafts easily by holding down the Compose icon

Hold down the Home button and On/Off button at the same time to take a screenshot

Ask Siri to divide zero by zero, one of her responses will be a brutal insult

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